Happy Start

The year I will finally be on my feet. Too much to look forward to. Its the time of the final shape of my molding, how I will be seen as a person for the rest of my life. Getting a job and being independent is so relieving. And so underrated 😛

I hope everyone’s dream comes true just like mine.

Happiest New Year Everyone! Be optimistic, be Happy 🙂


National Pride

As much Modi-fied we all may be, we still don’t comprehend him when he asks to promote our national language or our culture. The Indian culture is the most diverse, rich, and is deeply rooted. It has been in history as long as history existed. Yet, it needs a reminder that it has to be respected.

There was a time when India was considered as a golden bird.  Not only economically but also the vast cultures were prospering and people were deeply involved and satisfied with the one self. Then came the concept of globalization. According to studies, the major impact of globalization was felt in late 1990’s or the beginning of 1991 when then finance minister Dr. Manmohan Singh opened the markets to foreign trade. That was the era of financial reforms. Since then, there has been no turning back for India. The globalization has expanded all the areas from clothes to literature. Every aspect has gained wide exposure.

But amidst that, the very culture of India has faded. People have now started aping the western culture.They follow their holidays more. They follow their dressing style more. Children no longer have respect for their elders. The basic salutations such as Namaste and inviting to homes for tea or dinner have been replaced by a distant hi hello through phone or message.

The idea is not to demote western culture but to make you realize that it’s not OUR culture. It’s theirs.Stop aping it. It does not make you look cool. Trying too hard to fit into place where you don’t belong always makes you look like a loon.  Be comfortable and happy in your own skin.

Indian culture should be and definitely can be revived to its glory. The heritage, the spices, the language, the art, the music, the people are beautiful as they are. There are millions of things to be proud of. So what if it lacks in many areas? It is still a developing country. Te begin with let us at least try bringing the culture in daily lives. Use Indian products. Use our language. Promote Indian food, clothes, spices, festivals, art and literature. Reduce the usage of foreign products especially at the time of festivals such as lights, crackers, and idols on Diwali. Promote local handicrafts.

Indians who are considered as backwards have the highest and most educated population. If every person start believing in what wonders he can do for the country, through his knowledge and thinking our country will soon become the greatest country in the world. We may lack in many areas but the only solution is to take a stand and start working on it. Start changing your beliefs. Take pride in being called an Indian. We are not any inferior specie!

If we try and be rigid on our beliefs that our country is not less powerful or does not stand below in any respect we can bring back our glory. We can reach at acme if we be united and stand tall on our beliefs. We should also inspire our fellow country people to take part in the development and promote our country.

Thus, the main motive of every person not just Indian citizen but every country men should be to take pride in his own country. Be inspired by its history and work towards its future.

Being Different

Congratulations! If you are reading this, it means i have finally welcomed you to my intellectual side( the smallest part of my brain). I may or may not be a good writer but i will love it to see your comments on my writing or just let me know how bad i am 😛

Let’s start with the one thing i think is going to get extinct soon from the world.

*RESPECT*!  For people,by people,to people!

Maybe not very great topic to argue about but i think it’s a new trend to make snap judgement about people,on the basis of their clothes and bank balance. Not that money is the culprit but to a large extent it is the reason behind it. It gives them power to talk thrash.People with pockets full of cash think they own the world. They may be looking like crap, no sense to talk what so ever but the attitude will be rocket high. Although it’s true you cannot command respect about but least you can do is disrespect. I find it terribly frustrating  people with bad mouth. People considering themselves superior or better because the other is as not as extravagant or that person think before spending money uselessly doesn’t make him inferior but it sure makes you idiot. Which you are of course if judge people on this basis. Respect each others personal judgment.

Respecting means a regard for others feelings,appreciating their individualism. It doesn’t mean you have to agree to every statement they make . You have to accept them and not beat them over head with it. And yes that counts for people younger than you too. Just because they are not your age doesn’t mean they are not mature enough. They could be way mature and understanding than you think. Age doesn’t guarantee maturity.

On one hand you say age is just a number but when it comes to people younger than your age they should be refrained from any major decisions. Why? Respect their decisions. They have right to make decision even if they are not the best of decisions .At least they could learn from it. Stop forcing your judgments on them.

Respect your peers, your friends, your partner ,your guru, your parents.

I don’t really believe in love. I believe in respecting your significant other and knowing being different is way more harmonious,compatible and romantic. [You know now why opposites attract-RESPECT :)]    And it’s important for every relationship. Not just with your partner. It creates a positive and happy environment  when people know they are being liked and appreciated just the way they are. They’ll make more efforts for you.

Notice the difference in your life, how it mellows down and less tiring it becomes when you just accept everyone’s different approaches towards things. How nice is it when you come home after long day and people let you do whatever YOU want and not scream and force you to what THEY want.

Respect other religions. Know they are not all meant to wear same clothes,talk in same language, share same thoughts,same society. Try to bend yourself according to people. It won’t do any harm. It will make you a more likable person.

Be united by the differences. Respect the individualism.